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SIEGOL® Wax Polish is made from pure vegetable waxes. It is a palm wax that contains oils to nourish, protect and shine the leather. The natural oils keep the leather supple. Beeswax works as a natural preservative, it also strengthens the surface layer of the leather. The hard layer of the Carnauba wax (from the Carnauba palm tree) gives long-lasting protection and an admirable shine.


SIEGOL® Shine brushes

With goat hair.

S8218 black 

S8219 beasts

and SIEGOL® Brushes with horse hair. Available in lengths of 15 mm, 22 mm and 30 mm.


Waxing brushes. Wooden body, horse hair.

S8210 black

S8211 beasts


SIEGOL® Waterproofing for all materials, poison-free, biodegradable.


SIEGOL® Suede brushes
Soft brass wire, black.