ShoeShine And More

Marcello Faraggi visited shoe shiners in many countries to learn how to do it best. In 2015, by launching ShoeShine And More, he was the first shoe polisher in Belgium. Today, its service combines a complete shoe maintenance service (including a repair service provided by its cobbler), an event shoe shine service for companies and associations with one or more shoe shiner and it offers a training program for new colleagues. Perhaps also because of his linguistic knowledge (he speaks 5 languages), Marcello receives demands to  work not only in Belgium, but also in France, Luxembourg, Germany and other countries. Customers like to sit on one of its different types of shoe shine chairs to polish their shoes and to chat. Suede, textiles, and even sports shoes: ShoeShine And More takes care of it. "But I still prefer to polish leather shoes," he says. Marcello is a former journalist and filmmaker. After 30 years of working with the media, he has embarked on a new career. In 2016, he was elected president of the European Association of Shoe Shiners.

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