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These testimonies are translated and are not in their original language

Marcello, thank you for giving my shoes a second life! 

You are thorough, funny and SUPER nice on top of that! I hope to see you again soon! Big kisses again

It's brilliant! Wonderful work! Lovely person, 

See you soon! 

Resplendent shoes and a great meeting to brighten up the end of a day's travel. 

Thank you for the quality service.

Thank you very much for this beautiful moment, I leave with beautiful shoes

Very nice experience with Mr Faraggi. Professionalism and real talent! 


Thank you.

What a pleasure to meet Marcello! Obviously for the service he provides but especially for the exchange during his work. 

Thank you for this wonderful moment! 

To Marcello,

Bravo for this beautiful job that you do because the shoes must be the object of all the care of the walker

Thank you for sharing, moment. I feel like I'm back in American movies with Paul Newman.

I've never had my shoes so well shined!

Thank you Marcello and I will come back with a suitcase full of shoes. 

A little moment of relaxation that I did not know...Which is nevertheless very pleasant...Really

Thank you for this little moment with Belgium,

See you soon.

I was shy to go, but in the end I was satisfied and discovered a profession. 

Thank you.

Thank you for the few minutes of discussion and break before the day's racing.

This 28 October 2015,


First time experience as far as I am concerned, using the "shoeshine" service. Unusual moment at 7:30 this morning. A moment of conversation, of exchange which humanizes in a joyful way this stay at the Ibis hotel. Thank you sir for this moment of kindness. 


Yours faithfully

A great pleasure, the company, the service, to see our shoes shine on the eve of this new day.

Thank you again.

February 27, 2020

With my compliments

Mr MARCELLO the most serious shoe shiner I have ever met in my life, he is truly the dean of European shoe shiners. 

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