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The best for your sneakers and golf shoes
our priority
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The first meeting

When we hold one of your shoes in our hands for the first time, we take the time to understand its needs: what is its condition, its original color and composition? How will we proceed, which part will need to be handled first? 

The care stage

We then analyze the material of your sneakers, the different colors present on the shoe as well as on the laces that we start to remove. We develop an action plan that includes the different colors we will use and how we will apply them.


The final touch

We move on to the final step:

waterproofing! This last step leaves your sneakers as good as new, ready to go on with you for a long time. In addition, we revive the different colors present on your sneakers.

A work made with love

Clean to heal

This is the time to clean the dust with a brush and if that is not enough we use liquid cleaners. We also gently clean the soles by hand with the appropriate products. We clean your soles manually because they do not support heat and they would lose their color and comfort.

A small overview of our work
on our customers' shoes 
A guaranteed result
on all types of shoes

No matter what condition your shoes are in, we give them the care and attention they need to get the best result. Thanks to our know-how, your shoes will get a second wind.

Allow your shoes and accessories to receive the best care

Want to take care of your shoes and accessories? Stay at home or at the office, we come to you by tricycle or van.  You can also drop them off directly in our workshop. Let us take care of your shoes or accessories that are important to you but that life has damaged because of an accident, a stain or simply because of wearing them. No need to think about getting rid of them, thanks to our know-how, patience, love and the best products on the market we revive the condition of your shoes or accessories and make them "as good as new".

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Suede shoes


Boots & booties

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Bags & clothes

Smooth leather shoes


Thanks to our customers
for their feedback
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We take care of all types of shoes, including your favorite brands such as...

Alden, Astroflex, Allen Edmonds, Aubercy, Berluti, Birkenstock, Blundstone, British Shoes, Bontoni, Carlos Santos, Carmina, Carvil, Caulaincourt, Cheaney, Church, Clarks, Corthay, Crockett and Jones, Danner, Dimitri Gomez, Donegan, Dr Martens , Edward Green, Emling, Enzo Bonafe, Faguo, Finsbury, Foster, Gaziano & Girling, George's, George Cleverly, GHBass, Gravati, Grenson, Heinrich Dinkelacker, Heschung, In Corio, J.Fitzpatrick, JM.Weston, John Lobb, Karhu , Kleman, La botte Gardianne, Loake, Maftei, Malfroid, Mario Bemer, Mauban, Meermin, M. Mustache, Morjas, Nike, Norman Vilalta, Orbans, Paraboots, Paolo Scafora, Petrocchi, Philippe Atienza, Red Wings, Rozsnyai, Rudys, RM Williams, Saint Crispin's, Sanders, Scarosso, Seventh Width, Silvano Lattanzi, Solovair, Stefano Bemer, Sutor Mantellassi, Trickers, Vass, Velasca, Yohei Fukuda, Yuki Shirahama,..etc.

However, if the brand of your shoes is not in the list, we reserve the same warm welcome and the same care


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